About Us

TripYoda features the most amazing sights around the world divided into various “best of” lists. We like reading lists and enjoy traveling so why not put these two together. Topics can range from best places, things to do, landscapes, ancient monuments, islands, wildlife, countries and anything else that we find interesting. We create these lists for entertainment purposes but also to provide a sense of what there is to see in a country, city or continent and hope they are useful as a starting point for your next great travel journey.

With such a large coverage of destinations, it is impossible for us to have visited all of them. So we also rely on the travel experiences of other people when putting together these travel lists. And we also appreciate suggestions and feedback from readers because everybody will have their own amazing travel experiences.

We celebrates and is inspired by explorers and their passion for travel, curiosity about the world and unique points of view. Travel is eye-opening. Curious. Daring. Fun.

We is a place for consumers to experience content that gives them access to the world, shared human connections, and engaging talent who celebrate the surprising encounters that happen around the corner and around the globe. We don’t just go places; we dive right in. Come join us!