Travelling and road trips are a good way for you to really see the pretty landscapes that you don’t get to see when you travel by plane. Good thing that in the United States, you can just hop into your car and take hours-long drive to get somewhere, and it’s cheaper too compared to buying a plane ticket. This is a very good choice for people who got all the time in the world because you don’t need to think about having to manage your time. you are the master of your own world and you can stay in a specific place for extended periods.

If you love to travel by car and are in a very long vacation, then road trips are perfect for you! Or you can choose to travel by plane anytime if you are really into saving time. there are many things that you will learn; which is why it’s perfect if you have something with you to guide you where you should go next. Luckily, Luckies have the perfect map that is fun and very that will literally help you keep track of where you have been in the US, so Scratch Map USA is the ideal map for you!

Going all around the Stateside!

Whether you are in for a long ride from San Diego to San Francisco or love to visit the many historical places in New York, surely there are places that you will pass by and stop to breathe in the beauty of the place; which is why it’s better that you have something that will guide you wherever you are in the United States. Scratch Map USA is made for those whose target is to get to know the many different beautiful towns and cities that you haven’t had the chance to visit before.

Decorate on your wall or bring it with you!

Because of its stunning design and how compact it is, you can choose to bring it with you to “scratch” out the places that you have visited while you’re on the road you could hand it on your wall and scratch it out after you have gone home from your interesting travels. Before you scratch it out, it is designed with Stars and Stripes (like the USA flag) and it shows an awesome geographical detail under the foil after you have scratched it. very cute and fun to discover what’s underneath.

A very memorable record of where you have been

Once you have scratched everything out, you can have it framed and hang it on your living room wall to show your guests where you travelled and your experiences there. You can inspire them to do what you have done, because surely they won’t regret it. a true motivation for everybody who haven’t got the time to go on fun road trips and those people who simply haven’t thought of what they are missing out on. It only costs £17.95 and you or your friends already have very nice memorabilia to look at with admiration.

Enjoy your life and experience the many adventures that awaits when you go travelling around the United States. You don’t want to miss out on that, right? The Scratch Map USA can fuel that desire and you are interested to purchase this one for yourself, just go to and you’ll see what this is all about.