New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and desired tourist destinations. Situated in the south-west part of the Pacific it is the dreamland from the famous trilogy Lord of the Rings. It can take your breath away with its magnificent landscapes. Over the centuries it has experienced a perfect blending together of the local tribal culture and the European influence of its neighbors. Today New Zealand has somehow become the best place to live. See five of the reasons for it.


New Zealand is the land natural beauty, dense forests and unique wildlife. It is a real heaven for both tourists and locals. There you can spot species rarely found elsewhere in the world. Kiwi is perhaps the most famous among the protected animals there.
When we talk about nature in New Zealand, we should mention that around 25% of the country’s area is occupied by forests. The tree named Kauri is typical of these forests and it is considered to be the highest tree in the world.


New Zealand along with Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world in terms of economy. The majority of the population works in the third economic sector and mostly in the tourist section. Twenty years were enough for this little country to make a drastic transition from an agrarian orientated policy to a competitive one in terms of the world’s market. In spite of the World’s Economic crisis, New Zealand continues to register a sizable raise in the Gross Domestic Product and provides the population excellent living standards.


The local educational system registered a great progress during the last decades. Providing competitive studying opportunities, high schools and universities in New Zealand attract students from all over the world. If you are a registered citizen of the country you pay only 25% of the university taxes. Also, the government provides scholarships amounting to approximately 25 500 dollars, a figure enough to pay for three years of your education, covering all possible taxes. It is a great opportunity for young and ambitious people.

Auckland – the best city to live!

It is known as ‘the city of sails’ because every third household can afford and actually possess a yacht or even a ship! Filthy rich hmm? Auckland is the biggest city in the country with population of over a million, so finding cheap flights is easy. It is built on a volcanic field consisting of 48 volcanoes. It offers a big diversity in terms of its culture, traditions and festivals. It is surrounded by forests and national parks. Auckland’s soft climate, high living and educational standards and opportunities to develop a successful career are the main reasons why the city joins the first ranks of the the world’s best places to live in.

‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’

There is a reason why the director of these fantasy classics, Peter Jackson, chose New Zealand as the perfect country for the shooting of the film and thus glorified the beauty of its nature as ‘the land of our dreams’. Today, the country attracts huge numbers of LoR fans who wish to see the famous village of the little hobbits, and thus bring a lot of revenue to New Zealand’s tourism.