Whenever I mentioned I was going to the Desert Safari Dubai the response was always same.

Wow!! Dubai?? Everyone wants to go Dubai. If someone thinking about the tour of Dubai then must visit the Desert Safari dubai

When I was in Desert it was unforgettable experience and the adventure of my lifetime.

So, here how it went

We were picked up from our hotel at 3pm and driven out to the Dubai Desert safari. A falconry demonstration, trained falcons have been used for hunting in the Middle East for around 18 centuries.

The bird has a helmet covering its eyes and ears. According to the falcon handler it helps the bird remain relaxed. Once the helmet was removed the bird went into attack with all its senses at their acute.

It was then onto the Dune Bashing

Once in the middle of the desert I realized how difficult it was to bash dunes and the amount of focus that the drivers possessed only when I swathe dunes in front of me completely dying under the huge tyres. Imagine a huge hill kind of dune reducing to just sand under those roaring tyres. What a sight it was, but it made me feel lucky! Sitting on the passenger seat and watching the dunes reduce into nothing in front of my eyes was making my stomach growl. But to be honest I loved the thrill of it all. Dune bashing went on for 30 minutes.

We drove to the campsite from there and it was no less than a Mela! What a wonderful celebration of life here in the desert. Here we did a Camel ride. We were excited to take generous sip of “gahwa” the Arabic Coffee. Hubble bubble

(Shisha) was also available but I was not a great fan of it so decided to avoid it. In the campsite we get Henna tattoos. The lady was so good with the henna drawing and she made a wonderful design in my arm in just 5 minutes.