You’ve just heard the latest news and you’re surprised that one of your best friends is getting married. It’s time to think about the fact that you’ll be in charge of planning the stag weekend party!

Don’t panic! If you’re not overflowing with ideas about what destination to choose for a stag do, you should know that you can travel to Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

Why Bucharest?

Bucharest is an interesting spot where you can find a lot of funny stag weekend activities to do in the company of your friends. This city has a lot to offer to its visitors from the building’s architecture to the delightful landmarks.

Here is a list of some of the stuff that you can do with your friends:

  1. Dracula Castle tour with lunch

Romania is a country with a rich cultural heritage of legendary stories about the famous Count Dracula. Who hasn’t heard of him? One of the most fascinating activities that you can do if you’ll travel to Romania is visiting Dracula’s Castle. Also, you can taste the traditional Romanian Cuisine with a round of beers after doing the tour of the castle.

  1. Underground Tour

Nothing compares with a captivating exploration of some mysterious parts of Bucharest. You’ll have the chance to experience the pulsation of the city and you’ll have the opportunity to take pictures of the graffiti and street art. When you’ll finish the 4 hours guided city tour of the city, you can go to a bar with your pals talking about these experiences and drinking beer.

  1. Squash

Doing exercises is not the main way in which you can get fit. There are many others methods which can be funny too. For example, there is another interesting activity which could be on the top of your list when you’ll organise a stag do for the future groom is a game of squash.

Put on the equipment which will be provided, by the way, and then get prepared to have an entertaining competition with your mates.

  1. Five a side Football

Besides, during your stag do in Bucharest, you can also practice the sport that all the guys likes – football. You’ll have the opportunity to play a private pitch for one hour.

More than that, this sport is always refreshing and high-powered manner to build a strong connection with your friends.

No matter who will be the team that will win, the important thing is to have a good time and feel relaxed.

  1. Virtual Reality

Imagine that you have the possibility to access an entirely astonishing and surprising world. You can choose from 35 great virtual experiences such as traveling in space, exploration of deep waters, fighting with your mates against zombies and so on. The best is yet to come.

Visit and discover what stag party packages are suitable for the future bride-to-be. Call all of your friends and then plan a memorable party for your stag!