When winter comes off all roads, then it is a time for vacation. However, in case that you want to endure some other perspective of traveling, then the bicycle is the best way for you. There were many epic stories posted by people who rode bicycles from all over the world. For average bike-packer, flying somewhere can be very daunting, and taking your bike with you can be very complicated.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you tips how to travel by your bike:

  1. Decide Where You Want To Go

This is the most important part of your bike tour. The idea is to pick a destination that is based on places of your interest. Of course, the idea is not just to place a destination because some countries and states are not great for a ride. Pick the place where you would like to go, and if there is a bicycle network, just pack your things and leave.

  1. Break Your Bike Tour Down Into Smaller Segments

When you decide the destination, then you should be able to break everything in small pieces. You have to understand that bicycle demands some kind of exercise and strength, and after a while, you will feel tired and exhausted especially if you ride every single day. Big distances can be quite vast. That is the reason you should treat your bike tour like one big adventure. Just break a bike tour into smaller, manageable segments and after every segment take one day off for revitalization.

  1. Travel light

When you go decide to embark on a bike tour, you don’t need extra casual shoes. You don’t have to bring with yourself a frying pan or rad belt. You will need to change clothes in order to feel human in two sets. Try to bring with yourself only minimal and useful gear. In case that you don’t need it, you don’t really need it. That is the fact that you have to live with. Just pack light, and enjoy the road. Lighter is always better.

  1. All about riding with your touring partner or partners

If you ride with someone that is much more experienced than you, in most cases his advice is the right and you should listen to him. When you are tired, in pain you should tell them in order to stop and to rest for a while. It is far better to rest right now than to hold the entire trip because you had injury or accident. If that is the case there are experienced bicycle accident lawyers that could help you understand all legal aspects of all issues that could happen on the road.


Traveling by bike is not the mission impossible, but you must set realistic goals that depend on your level of experience, stamina, and level of exercise. It is always better to set lesser destination if you are not sure than to get stuck in the middle of the big route without an idea where to go.