Below is the quick Umrah guide that a pilgrim can go through before starting the journey. 

Before The Departure to Umrah

  • Take a thorough bath before leaving for Hajj or Umrah.
  • Removal of public hairs and trimming nails.
  • Offer salah whichever is left before leaving for Hajj or Umrah.
  • Offer prayer before setting off for Hajj or Umrah.

During the journey toward the home of Allah, keep remembering and reciting the dua’s in order to make your journey more holy and keep your mind indulge in remembering Allah.

Entering Into Ihraam before Passing the Point of Meeqat

  • Before entering into the boundaries of Meeqat as specified by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), a pilgrim must make an intention to perform Umrah and take on Ihraam.
  • Recite Talbiyah until and unless you reach Haram. It is recommended for a man to raise their voice while reciting Talbiyah and women should only recite it slowly.

Entering the Haram Mosque

  • Enter the mosque with right foot
  • Recite dua as recommended


  • During the Tawaf it is mandatory for men to leave their right shoulder bare and after the Tawaf men need to cover both shoulders.
  • Start Tawaf from the Black Stone.
  • Kiss it if you can, if not touch it with your right hand, if that is also not possible then face the Black Stone and point at it with your right hand
  • It is recommended for men to hasten/ briskly walk during the first 3 rounds of Tawaf and walk normally during the other 4 rounds.
  • Upon reaching the Yamani corner a pilgrim must touch it with right hand but do not try to kiss it.
  • From the Yamani corner to the Black Stone recite dua
  • Upon reaching the Black stone one circuit is complete and a pilgrim must continue doing the same six times more.

Offering Prayers at Mokam E Ibrahim 

  • After completion of tawaf recite dua at Mokam e Ibrahim
  • Offer prayers as close to the mokam e Ibrahim as possible

Proceeding to Zam Zam Wells

  • Make duaa before drinking
  • Drink Zam Zam water
  • Pour water over your head
  • Return to the Black Stone touch it with your right hand and proceed to do Sai.

Sai (7 circuits)  

  • After leaving the Haram Mosque and reaching Safa valley recite dua as recommended
  • After that climb upon Mount Safaa, facing Qiblah, raise your hands and recite dua 3 times
  • Then descend from Mount Safaa and go walking towards Mount Marwah
  • When you reach the green sign, men are to hasten their walk for a while, but do not run. After that retrieve to your normal part of walk at the next green sign.
  • Upon reaching Mount Marwah repeat the same procedure as when ascending Mount Safaa (face the Qibla, raise your hands and repeat what was said on Mount Safaa.) This completes one circuit.
  • Complete the 7 circuits from the mount safa and marwah.

Trimming / Shaving

  • It is recommended for men are to shave all their hair, but they can trim it all the way round
  • Women are to shorten their hair by a fingertip.

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