There are plenty of things to do in Koh Lanta to fill twenty-four hours. You won’t have a shortage of restaurants, beaches, or local culture. However, the 4 Island Day Trip is by far the best selling tour and is well worth the cost. The tour guides enjoy themselves and make sure their visitors do the same.


At an advertised price of roughly USD 55, it is one of the more expensive island tours, but paying more means you get a better experience, and in the grand scheme of things, this is an affordable tour per person. This trip includes better service with tour guides who are knowledgeable and concerned with their guests having a great time.


The preferred method of transportation on this tour is a speedboat. It’s room enough only for an intimate tour but is full of delight. Passengers find themselves jetting through the waters in style for a day filled with island adventure.

The transportation between islands is quicker, ensuring more time for sightseeing, and the food is more plentiful, which is rare for island tours. It is worth the extra cost for the experience.

First Stop: Koh Cheok

Here, tourists stop for snorkeling. With few boats, it’s secluded enough for expansive views of limestone rocks and swimming. A rocky inlet takes swimmers to the other side of the water, providing a fun detour.

Beach life is beyond compare on the island of Koh Cheok, so for those who aren’t into snorkeling, it’s a wonderful place to spend thirty minutes lounging and listening to the quiet waters.

This stop is picturesque, although some travelers report less than superb snorkeling, few fish sightings, and extensive destruction on the seafloor. There are other opportunities for better snorkeling later, so you won’t miss anything if you choose to relax on the beach during this short stop.

Second Stop: Koh Mook

Koh Mook is home to the majestic Emerald Cave. Anchoring down outside the entrance, visitors swim their way through the opening with a tour guide and a flashlight. The flashlight may serve to make you feel more comfortable, but it does little good in the pitch black of the center of the cave. Immersed in darkness, it takes a few seconds before your eyes adjust to seeing the exit, and visitors may feel uneasy at first. But a small tropical paradise awaits on the other side.

A tiny alcove is shaded with surrounding plants that call this environment home. It’s colder than other spots on the islands because of all the shade, but traveling through the cave is exciting, and you learn about this jungle nook and its native plants.

Stop Three: Koh Kradan

Hungry travelers are ready for food by the time the boat hits Koh Kradan. With almost two hours, there’s plenty of time to eat a picnic lunch, take a walk, and do more snorkeling. Delicious rice, meat curries, chicken wings, and fruit await each ravished belly. Second trips to get more food are welcome. Wash it all down with a familiar taste from home: Coke.

The beach is spectacular, the water is sparkling blue, and the white sand is lined with ornate seashells. Snorkeling on this island gives views of huge fish and a gorgeous coral reef. On the opposite side of the island, an even bigger coral reef awaits with even bigger masses of fish. With a tour guide tossing watermelon in the water with you, you get an up close and personal encounter with water creatures.

If snorkeling isn’t your style, there’s still expanses of lovely beach to pass the time. Add to your seashell collection, get some exercise, or relax in the sun while other travelers swim.

Fourth Stop: Koh Ma

While travelers don’t get out of the boat on Koh Ma, it’s a spectacular place to spot clusters of bats and other wildlife native to this environment. Boating past the limestone formations, passengers see a small house, home to a fisherman when he goes out on long fishing excursions.

It’s an exciting taste of home life for someone making his living on the islands, and a small glimpse of functional architecture complementing a quaint, unique lifestyle. Some of the fish you eat may even be fruits of his labor, drawing your relationship to him even closer than you thought.

Each stop on the island tour is unique and has its own special highlights. There’s something for everyone on this romp from island to island, including swimming, snorkeling, relaxing, eating, and laughter. Sun, sand, and surf await in each slice of tropical paradise.

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