Mahabaleshwar, a hill-station of India located in Sahyadri mountain range is a place you cannot afford to miss if you love sceneries of nature. People all over the world visit the place for seeing the evergreen forests, waterfalls, strawberry farming, horse-riding and monkey feeding too. The hill station is also known for its temples and legendary stories. This naturally beautiful place with centuries-old forts and temples is well-developed as a tourist attraction with modern infrastructure and hotels. So just book mahabaleshwar hotels online and get ready to cherish fond mermories of this tourist destination.

People consider visiting Mahabaleshwar over their long weekends as there are lots of places to visit. Following are the places that one cannot miss to see on a trip to Mahabaleshwar.

Mahabaleshwar Temple – The centuries-old Shiva temple that gave Mahabaleshwar its name is an attraction not only for Hindus but also for the history and architecture lovers of all the religions. The roads to the temple are not very well-maintained as it is situated in old Mahabaleshwar. The temple is known among Hindus for the RudrakshaShivling that is one of its kinds.

Tapola – It is a satellite village of Mahabaleshwar which is famed as ‘Mini Kashmir’ due to its natural beauty resembling that of Kashmir. It is a Jungle trek that will take you to many unknown forts hidden in the dark of forests. It houses many strawberry farms along with the Tapola Lake famous for boating and sight-seeing.

Mapro Garden – This place in Mahabaleshwar is a must visit for all food lovers and shoppers too. Here you can find varieties of squashes, jams, crushes, jellies, grilled sandwiches, wood-fired pizzas and lot more. Although it is a private property of Mapro, it is famous just like any tourist destination due to their unique eating outlet and supermarket focusing on strawberries, the local delight.

Arthur’s Seat – The Arthur’s Seat is considered as the queen of sites in the Mahabaleshwar hill-station. People like to visit the place as it provides some really nice and unique experience with nature. Here you’ll find clouds all around you. The clouds sometimes hide sceneries and sometimes make them visible giving the feeling of hide and seek with nature.

Lingmala Waterfall – The scenic beauty of the Lingmala Waterfall is spectacular when viewed from a height. It may be a difficult trek for elderly, children and some persons with disabilities but for the people with no physical restrictions it is a must visit place in Mahabaleshwar. Many small waterfalls are also seen from the Lingmala waterfall point joining the Venna River.

Panch Ganga Temple – This temple is very special from the architectural, religious, historical as well as geographical point of views. It is built at the confluence of 5 major rivers namely Veena, Koyna, Krishna, Savitri and Gayatri. All the 5 rivers flow through the stone sculptor of Gomukhi.

Helen’s Point – The Helen’s Point noted for its scenic beauty is also referred to as Blue Valley. The Krishna River flowing through its heart is a great centre of attraction. There are many other points within the range of Helen’s point that makes the place irresistible. Robbers Cave, North Coat Point and Gavalani Point are among the most noted one.

Wilson Point – This requires to be in your itinerary because it is a sunrise point and a trip to hill-station is never complete without seeing sunrise and sunset. It is the highest point of the plateau so the sunrise here gives a spectacular view and enhances the beauty of the place multi-folds.

Connaught Peak – The peak is one of the most beautiful spots in Mahabaleshwar and is known for the sunset view. This is the place from where one can have the breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains, valleys and rivers. The height of the peak may also give you Goosebumps.

There are many nice hotels in Mahabaleshwar that you can book online and rest assured for a nice stay while witnessing the beauty of this great hill-station.